The Congers-Valley Cottage Volunteer Ambulance Corps is made up of a diverse group of people who share one unifying trait: the desire to help other people. This trait leads us to dedicate a portion of our free time to learning EMS skills and practicing them until we are the best we can be, and then serving on an ambulance crew to use our skills to help our neighbors when they are sick or injured. It's hard work, sometimes dangerous and always unpredictable. But none of us would trade it for the world; the rewards - the feeling we get when someone injured in an accident or who is deathly ill gets to the hospital alive and with a better chance to stay alive because of what we've done - are worth all the time and effort we spend a hundred times over and more. It's a great feeling, knowing you've made a difference, maybe even saved a life. It's a feeling you can share when you volunteer with the CVCVAC.

21 year old Congers native Joe Parrino has been riding with CVCVAC since 2007. In his first year of riding Joe had logged more than 180 calls and trained hard to become one of our youngest NYS certified EMTs. Joe attends Dominican college in Blauvelt where he is studying to become a nurse. When asked if he will quit the squad when he graduates, Joe replies, "Not if I can help it!" The rest of the squad looks forward to riding with Joe for many years to come.

And here are some of the other exceptional people who give just that much more...
Operational Officers:

Captain: Efren Marrero (EMT)

Assistant Captain: Jennifer Eisenberg (EMT)

First Lieutenant: Jim Byrne (EMT)

Second Lieutenant-Engineer: Tony Failla

Second Lieutenant-Training: Steve Gray (EMT)

Second Lieutenant-Supply: Larry Hahn

Administrative Officers:

President: Gregg Smith (EMT)

Vice President: Liz Gray (EMT)

Secretary: Monica Caselli (EMT)

Treasurer: Bill Hughes (EMT)

Other Officers:

Chairman, Board of Directors: Andrew Gioseffi

Public Information Officer: Gregg Smith (EMT)

You can get in touch with any of our Corps Officers via our contact page.